Sunday, September 20, 2009


Tonight again my heart wonders
As I watch you fall asleep...
On your forehead gently lay playing
Some stray loose locks in the breeze.

The rest lay scattered unevenly
On my arm around your face.
A few on your bosom heaving
At a serene, slow and steady pace.

Like at rest a woodland Goddess
Keeping peace in the wilderness.
Or a ship that's several storms survived,
Through monsters and pirates thrived.

'Shhh... lay still. I'm still here.
It's only the wall-clock's chime.
It calls out, yet we don't need to know
How late it is or what is the time.'

Of all your long cherished ones
Which dream tonight you chose to dream?
...Yes tonight again my heart wonders
As I watch my dream fall asleep.

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